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Spring Catapult Event on Operational Excellence Now a Virtual Workshop

Like many other businesses, we too are having to adapt and change due to COVID-19. One of the biggest changes being to our spring Catapult this year. As it is being changed to a Zoom virtual workshop due to all that is happening with the virus and the pandemic. It will be hosted on May 12th through the 14th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm each day, and will still offer everything you come to expect from our Catapults.

Our virtual workshop is still focused on helping you in gaining the skills that will allow you to achieve operational excellence through superior customer value. We’ll show you how getting the most out of Tigerpaw®, BrightGauge®, Continuum®, Customer Thermometer®, and TREK® will improve your business’s efficiency, effectiveness, and precision.

This will be accomplished by in-depth teaching of topics and processes like the following:

  • Onboarding Methodology®: Learn the importance of a consistent customer and employee onboarding experience driven by Tigerpaw®
  • Response Resolution Methodology®: Automate your ticket load, manage by exception and use dual SLAs to measure your effectiveness
  • The Art of Time Entry®: Learn how and why all sales and service delivery people should track their time and how to weaponize it
  • And Many More

At Decision Digital, we value everyone’s health and safety. We hope to bring everyone together with our workshop and wish to keep everyone safe while they learn. We hope many of you register for the virtual Catapult and look forward to seeing everyone on May 12th through the 14th, 2020.