Why Cybersecurity is More Important Than Ever Now

Many companies are making the transition to a remote workforce, and are unknowingly becoming the targets of a new growing wave of cybercrime. As criminals are taking advantage of not just the spread of COVID-19 but the inherent vulnerabilities of remote working for phishing, ransomware and hacking attempts. They are targeting any weakness they can discover, in these turbulent times. From using the guise of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to send out emails, to even exploiting employees unprotected home networks to gain access to valuable data. That’s why cybersecurity is now more important to businesses everywhere.

Getting cybersecurity is vital, that’s you need to ensure you get the security solution that covers all of your business’s needs. Decision Digital’s security service is designed to cover all your weak points thanks to our process.

FIND. FIX. FORTIFY. Our Security Service Process:

FIND: Measure. Assess. Report
To start, we assess your current security and risk levels. We carefully examine everything from external vulnerabilities to network security practices, endpoints, policies, and compliance levels.This includes covering weak points created by the processes necessary to carry out remote work.

FIX: Strategize. Plan. Resolve
Once we’ve positively identified where things can be improved, we create a forward-looking set of projects and security strategies. These are tailored to defend your business’s vulnerable points to ensure there is no weak link in your defenses.

FORTIFY: Manage. Respond.
Finally, we proactively manage your infrastructure through more than accurate detection and fast responses to security threats. This includes ongoing employee education to help mitigate the potential risk of things like phishing attempts.

Don’t let your business fall victim to the growing number of cybercrimes targeting remote workforces. Get one of the most important things your company can have, a cybersecurity service with Decision Digital and keep your data and remote employees safe.

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