Transform Your Technology Firm & Elevate Your Business with Our CATAPULT Workshop

Get on a path to catapult your IT business through Operational Excellence + ConnectWise Consulting!


Calling all MSP sales, business development, and accounting people!

This CATAPULT event is our Revenue Generation track, and it will transform your sales and revenue operations, improve your processes, and crush your business productivity with methodologies taught by Decision Digital’s award-winning CEO, Rick Harber.

For over a decade, Rick and the team at Decision Digital have created CATAPULT, a workshop event immersed in teachings, methods, and programming for managed services providers.

At CATAPULT, you’ll spend two interactive days learning how to get the most from ConnectWise PSA. We'll teach you the tips, tricks, and processes that leverage the immense power of ConnectWise and show you how to increase productivity and profits, using the right tech stack of integration partners.

CATAPULT Will Teach You


How to define processes, diagrams, and connect the dots between practical use of ConnectWise features and functions as well as real-world scenarios.


How to raise the happiness levels of your employees and clients.


How to leverage built-in automation to raise quality and reduce employee workload.


Why dashboards are important and why reports are out.


Where the blind spots live and how to handle them, along with visibility to real-time metrics.


And many other real life success stories from a fellow MSP owner and trusted peer!


How to use workflows, processes, and methodologies that REALLY work for your MSP.

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