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CATAPULT Consulting for ConnectWise

Rick and his team have developed CATAPULT, a comprehensive ConnectWise consulting service that helps IT and technology providers improve their businesses with the latest operational strategies, tactics, and automation. Experience that only an MSP owner can offer. Enhance your operations, optimize your processes, and boost your business productivity with tested methods and REAL advice.

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CATAPULT LIVE for ConnectWise

Want to transform your technology firm and elevate your business? As the name implies, CATAPULT takes our ConnectWise consulting and packs it into a two-day workshop. CATAPULT will quickly get you up to speed on the best business process, workflow, and automation within ConnectWise.


SMARTCHIVE AI-Powered Achived PSA Data Service

Give us a backup copy of your old PSA database and we will surface your old PSA data INSIDE of ConnectWise PSA. No import required. Now add some AI and you have an awesome tool that finds the needle in the haystack and surfaces the answers in your ConnectWise ticket or a browser. Think of the time you'll save!




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