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Employee Spotlight: Scott Key – Service Delivery Manager

What is your position and role at Decision Digital?

“My position is Service Delivery Manager and I manage the day-to-day operations of the Service Department. Leading a team of 7, including myself, we handle all tickets/projects that come in. As part of my role, I oversee the training of the technicians, ticket QC, project management, and anything else that comes across our table as an opportunity for business.”

How long have you worked in the MSP space for? What are some key skills and expert knowledge you have from working in the MSP space?

“I have worked in the MSP space in Atlanta for 9 years, all at ConnectWise partnered MSPs. I have held top level certifications for CW Automate and Manage (PSA), as well as certifications from other various technology vendors (HPE, Axcient, 3CX, VMWare). I have always had an interest in technology, so the skills/learning don’t feel like tasks and more like an adventure.”

What can you tell me about the teams you have been a part of? Has the experience influenced you in some way?

“I have been a part of teams that have succeeded, as well as the opposite. These experiences have directly influenced my management style and led me to the belief that the best teams are culture driven. If you can create a culture of positivity, growth and understanding, teams thrive and come together to complete common goals.”

What are some particular achievements or contributions you have made at Decision Digital?

“Within the past few months, we have made a few changes that have directly impacted the culture in the building. Collaboration, communication and transparency make it easy for everyone to come together and work to resolve issues that present themselves.”

Which personal qualities or interests do you believe set you apart and make you unique?

“I am a self-proclaimed nerd. When I’m not working or taking care of my family, I am usually gaming in some aspect. Computer games, trading card games, sports, anything to keep my mind active. I compete weekly at a local card shop in Kennesaw playing Pokémon, which I am also teaching my daughters to play. I played baseball in high school, competing against future MLB stars like Brian McCann, Jeff Francouer, Brandon Phillips.”

Do you have any specific goals for your career?

“Weirdly enough, the goal in my career is focused more on my team than my own. My goal is to help my team grow to eventually take my position. If I can help my team achieve their career goals, mine will be accomplished along the way.”

Favorite movie quote: “There’s so much room for activities!” – Step Brothers

About Decision Digital:

Decision Digital is a managed IT services and award-winning ConnectWise consulting company, committed to the process of continual improvement. Being a creative group of problem-solvers, we are driven by a passionate mission to teach our clients to achieve more, using business technology to get real, trackable results.

Through the years we’ve had the honor and pleasure of serving as thought leaders and IT architects for a variety of public, private, and multinational corporations. We deliver state-of-the-art cloud and managed service technologies to our clients, driven by the belief that networks should be exceptional, not just acceptable. Together, we’ll help you embrace technology and operate with excellence.