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Our Purpose

Decision Digital stands out as a cloud-focused, accomplished firm excelling in modern networking, Managed IT Services, and ConnectWise consulting. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, our company supports a global clientele with tailored managed information technology solutions that encompass on-site networks, Azure cloud deployments and optimization, cybersecurity, AI, and data mining. Our consultancy services foster operational improvements within peer MSPs by enhancing business processes, workflow efficiency, and proficiency in ConnectWise.


Our Story

Our journey began on September 15, 1997, the same day Google.com was registered. However, the real spark that ignited our founder's passion for programming and technology can be traced back to the autumn of 1979 with an Apple II Plus. Rick Harber spent hours reading, learning and coding…all to satisfy a boundless immersion in technology and raise concerns with his parents. He envisioned a world transformed by managed IT services, and thus, Decision Digital was born. Now, nearly 30 years later, we have grown into a team of creative problem-solvers, deeply committed to delivering tangible, measurable outcomes for our clients.

Throughout our history, we've been privileged to serve as innovative thinkers, strategists, and architects for a broad portfolio of public, private, and global firms. We believe that IT should be exceptional rather than acceptable, with outcomes achieved by leveraging a suite of carefully selected services augmented by practical intelligence.


Our Evolution

We have become more than just an Managed IT firm. Today, we are an acclaimed influencer in the tech community, providing guidance to peer Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to enhance and optimize their ConnectWise experience. Our recoginition as the only multi-year ConnectWise Wise Award recipient reflects our commitment to assisting numerous IT and technology providers eager to improve their businesses with the latest operational strategies, tactics, and automation that produce measurable results.


Our Awards


Our Core Values

  • Provide IT vision and leadership
  • Produce and execute a powerful IT plan
  • Deliver quality IT services and support
  • Implement proven technology infrastructure
  • Improve IT understanding and knowledge
  • Achieve rapid, reliable response times
  • Offer trustworthy technology partnership

Our Everyday Heroes

Our scalable technical teams are highly trained problem-solvers, and their expertise shows in the way they leverage cloud-based technologies on your behalf. Whether you need to integrate software, network management services, or need assistance moving to the cloud, Decision Digital is your partner.


CEO – Founder

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Nine. The age it all began. An Apple II Plus at school and eventually a Commodore 64 at home. Hours spent reading, learning and programming…all to satisfy a boundless immersion in technology and raise concerns with his parents. Rick's decompression chamber is his wood shop and his deep passion for music and playing guitar.


Senior Account Manager

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Happiness comes from some of life's guilty pleasures according to Kathy. Nothing beats really good food (she loves to cook), time with her two Boxers and some trash TV. Being from the South, sports is also a BIG deal. She was raised just outside of Atlanta, something that is rarer around here than a feathered fish. In and out of work, Kathy is funny, tenacious, and energetic.


Senior Consultant

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Obsessed. A word that quickly comes to mind when you start talking Legos with Stephanie. A self-confessed brick-o-holic, she has two or three Lego sets in progress at any given times (what we in the business call "builds"). And it's more than following a set of directions. No, there is the time-honored tradition of separating pieces into bins and piles, cataloging, and meticulous assembly...one piece at a time...until you get the result you seek. The same qualities that an awesome consultant needs (which she is). Nothing better on a weekend than laying bricks, while her two bulldogs watch. No cement required.


Service Delivery Manager

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Scott would be the first to tell you that he is proud to embrace his inner nerd. An avid gamer, Scott loves anything with "Star" in it. Star Wars, Star Trek, All Star. Wait...All Star? Yea, he was an All Star Baseball player in high school, playing against Brian McCann, Jeff Francoeur, Brandon Phillips. It gets better. He even named his cats Luke and Leia. Besides being related to the great Francis Scott Key, he is often mistaken for Eddie Jaye Thomas, the actor who played Finch in the American Pie movies. No, he doesn't know Stifler's mom so don't ask.


MSP Engineer

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Jordan is a born-and-raised Georgian. This is a rare occurrence these days and sometimes difficult to spot in the wild. Jordan is motivated…like really motivated. Learning and doing are his way. And it is apparent in the work he does every day. Jordan's passion for craft beer breweries is a good match for his love for golf and college football. In case you are wondering, the Miami Hurricanes are his team. Born during the reign of Jordan, Grant, Paxson, and Pippen, Jordan has high expectations for his sports heroes, as well as himself. Perhaps why Ken Dorsey is one of his biggest heroes.


MSP Technician

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MSP Technician

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Accounting Manager

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What happens when you mix accounting with a former law-enforcement officer? Let's just say we don't challenge her on the math of thing. Liza became one with accounting through the not-so-logical path of first becoming a Deputy Sheriff and next a Police Officer. She is armed with an MBA, and she has even pulled duty in accounting with a few large corporations. Liza loves her Internet browser tabs. On any given day, no less than 40 tabs loaded. She will be the first to tell you if you wish to limit it, you better define the limit first. Otherwise, she is going to keep going. Life outside of work is a time blender of her partner James, dogs, cooking, and binging a show or two. Asked about her favorite season in Atlanta, you will get one answer: football season. Here's to you, Ms. Robinson!


Digital Marketing Specialist

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Senior Solutions Engineer

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Computers, sailing and shooting have been Frank's passions since he was 2. He sailed competitively for six years in the J22 fleet and competed in IDPA. Frank enjoys the journey as much as the destination. While these three passions seem to be worlds apart, they all require precision and accuracy. The reward of doing it right is what makes it worthwhile.


Service Delivery Dispatcher

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MSP Engineer

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Some 25 years ago, when the world was ruled by Novell, Lance got his start in IT. After two decades up North, he succumbed to the calling of every New Yorker: Miami. Deep sea fishing and travelling became a big part of his life. Prior to joining us, he was a contract IT specialist in the Persian Gulf. It is there he also honed his skills as an international tiger trainer.


MSP Technician

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Rizwan's secret weapon: the stare! This special power has been shown to tame wild animals, calm crying babies, and intimidate misbehaving PCs. Rizwan's love for technology is surpassed only by his desire to learn everything about it. When not spending time with his family and enjoying time with his newborn son, Rizwan enjoys cricket, reading books, and movies.

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