Cloud Hosted Systems Guide 101

If you have ever considered hosting an app or website, you have likely come across the term cloud hosting. So, what exactly are cloud-hosted systems? First, let’s take a look:

Instead of hosting the app or website on a single machine, cloud-hosted systems allow you to spread data across interconnected and multiple servers located across a large geographical area. However, as the name suggests, these servers exist only in a virtual environment.

So, if you’re wondering, how does it help? Well, it’s simple, when you have cloud hosting utilizing the computing power of multiple machines, this gives you vastly more potential than traditional hosting. Furthermore, you also have access to the services that multiple machines offer.

Now that you know what a cloud-hosted system is let’s dig deeper to develop a solid understanding of the terms public and private cloud, which you will come across when opting for cloud-hosted systems.

Public and Private Cloud Systems

A public cloud is similar to a shared server. This is because it has a collection of networked machines holding the data for multiple sites. Moreover, it has shared hardware between multiple virtualized accounts. Hence, the resource cost is shared.

But unlike traditional shared hosting, the virtual server resources are ring-fenced. In other words, you don’t share the processing power, disk space, and anything else with other accounts. Instead, all you do is that you share the rack space in the data centers. So, you get to enjoy all the shared hosting benefits but none of the downsides.

On the other hand, a private cloud hosting system is truly private in every sense of the word. The setup doesn’t share the infrastructure with any other sites and accounts. Though this means a higher cost, it is still worth it because your business gets to enjoy greater control and security.

In private clouds, the server resources are ring-fenced. This spares you from sharing hardware too. Also, your entire virtualized resources are well-protected by cyber threats and hackers by the firewall.

Top Benefits of Cloud Hosted Systems

There are plenty of benefits of using cloud-hosted technology in place of a dedicated server. Read on to find out what they are:

  • Unmatched Reliability
    If you rely on a dedicated server and go offline, your website is likely to disappear. However, if your site uses a cloud-hosted system, it will be interconnected across multiple machines that store the same information. So, if one of the machines breaks down or goes offline, the other devices come in handy, picking up the slack. Therefore, your website continues to stay online.
  • Ease of Scalability
    The enhanced and innovative underlying infrastructure of the cloud-hosted system setup provides users with improved access to more system resources. Even if they are shared between all the accounts, they will continue to provide users with excellent processing power.All this makes it incredibly easy for users to scale their resources. So, whenever you want to scale them, you have to call the hosting company or ask them to set up a hosting architecture to automatically increase the resources per your real-time requirements.
  • Incredibly Versatile
    Cloud-hosted systems are versatile. With these systems, you can get a customized solution that meets your specific needs. First, however, you must find a trusted and reliable cloud hosting service provider who can provide you with tailored solutions as per your requirements.With such a service provider, you will be able to easily select the architecture, processing power, space, security, and OS that you need for a smooth and versatile cloud setup.This might take a lot of legwork to find a trusted cloud-hosted system service provider. To save your time and money and get access to the best cloud hosting services.

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