Hosting Data in the Cloud Improves Business Continuity

With businesses moving to a remote workforce, having the ability to access data from anywhere provides a significant benefit for your company. In addition to always having access to your data, virtual servers are more cost-effective, offer increased security, and are much more scalable. At Decision Digital, we offer highly secure private cloud servers to empower your company and enable efficient operations to occur.

Purchasing new servers can be costly, and finding physical storage in your office can cause issues. If your company is leasing large office space to house the servers, additional resources are directed to your server storage. Additionally, the utility costs of powering all of the servers and the cooling costs add up over time.

Hosting your data in the cloud eliminates those costs. You can downsize your office space and save on utility fees. If your company is considering moving to remote work full-time, you can eliminate the office lease costs, further saving your company money.

Hosting your data in the cloud creates a highly scalable environment for your business. No longer will you need to make expensive server equipment purchases and find a place to store them. With cloud storage, a few clicks of a mouse will increase your storage allowing your business to adapt quickly to increased demands.

Our cloud servers are highly redundant and secure, which provides the protection your business needs. This redundancy ensures that your business will never lose its data, and you can remain operational during disasters. If your on-premise servers go down, your business can lose untold amounts of money. Ensuring your data storage is resilient to disasters is critically important for your business continuity efforts.

At Decision Digital, we understand that these are unprecedented times, and we want to work with your company to ensure that you can be successful. Our highly secure cloud data storage solutions can give your company a competitive edge and help your business’s efficiency and productivity while working remotely. Contact us to learn more about our cloud solutions and how they can benefit your business.