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How Our Hosted Offsite Backup Makes Data Recovery Easy

Data is one of the most valuable assets of a business and is one of the easiest things it can lose. From being whipped out during a natural disaster to being destroyed by simple human error, there are countless ways it can be lost. Once it’s gone, it’s not easy to recover data from damaged hardware, and it can be cumbersome to use software to recover recently deleted files. If you don’t have a plan in place beforehand, it could cost your business up to $100 or $300 per hour to get it back. Don’t let your business suffer from data loss; get a hosted offsite backup with Decision Digital.

Our offsite backup hosted service will ensure your data can be recovered quickly and easily in any situation with Hypervault. Emails, VMs, all of your network, or just the files you choose can all be protected. Hypervault has built-in support for nearly every OS, file, and mail system. We will ensure that all of your essential data is not only there for recovery as needed, but is safe behind military-grade encryption.

When it comes to data recovery, can you reasonably afford to wait until after the fact to get it back? Keep your data safe and secure with our offsite backup, and make data recovery easy. Contact us today!