Hypervaults That Will Lock in Backups for Eternity

Human errors and untimely mistakes are two undeniable realities in business technology today. While technology has advanced and you might think you have stored your data safely, all it takes is an accidental click or an incoming malware for it all to vanish.

Hence, having a proper backup is essential. Backups are an critical part of any workforce, and they allow a more stable and protective environment for one to work in. Here is why maintaining backups will come in handy in the long run.

Reasons Why Data Back-Up is So Important

Human error is inevitable, so having backups – a safe copy of the original documents is always necessary. However, not only do backups ensure you retrieve what was lost, but they also have many other benefits. Some of which are:

1. Prevents Data Loss

Data is an asset for any company and the core foundation of what it stands on. Statistics show that 68 percent of the time, data is accidentally deleted because of human error, or malware comes and whips it away.

Considering how crucial information and files are for a company, this loss can lead to massive debts and even companies shutting down. Hence, backups prevent data loss and allow you to work peacefully.

2. Less Down Time

Forty-two percent of companies that fail to back up their data face unnecessary downtime, which can lead the company to massive losses. With a proper data backup, losing one set of data won’t become a hurdle as employees can immediately access the backup version, continuing their work as smoothly as before.

3. Competitive Advantage

Once a company loses data and has no backups, a significant amount of time is wasted retrieving lost data. Hence, this gives your competitors in the market an upper hand, and they may manage to avail themselves of opportunities while you are down.

Having backs ups will help you stay within the competitive circle and ensure that you give your competitors a tough fight in the already saturated market space.

4. Crucial Part of the Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan is an essential concept for running any company. Including data backup in this particular plan will help you in the long run. Disasters, in this sense, aren’t only related to data loss. Still, other natural components and environmental factors that cause you to either work from home or lose your workspace are also considered. In these cases, backups will help you continue your work smoothly and efficiently without downtime.

5. Avoid Extra Work

Do you know what happens if a company or employee doesn’t have a backup? Well, completely redoing the work you have already completed, and trust us, there is little that is more annoying than this.

Not only do you have to complete work that you already did, but the new work in an office never stops coming. So, you have a lot of extra work along with the already massive workload your job requires. So, making backups is always an intelligent decision.

6. Annual Reporting

Backups make it easier for you to reflect on what you have done and achieved throughout the year. This is even more beneficial for smaller companies and newer start-ups as they can compare their overall growth throughout the past year.

Backups make reporting annual achievements and steps taken easier to conclude in a presentation.

7. Peace of Mind

There is nothing more important than the peace for your employees. A peaceful environment to work in will not only bring better outcomes for the company but will also improve employees’ efficiency or productivity.

Having proper backups will ensure employees peace of mind. Employees will have the reassurance that even in the event of an accidental error if they lose their data, it will be retrieved back, and they don’t have to go into full panic mode.

Decision Digital – Making Backups Have Never Been Easier

Backups are integral to any workforce, and Decision Digital understands this completely. For years, we have worked with numerous businesses and offered them a safe space and a straightforward approach to make some critical backups and keep their companies running.

Our team understands that downtime is out of the question in this competitive workforce. Hence, with our easy-to-use hypervaults, all your storage and backups are sorted.

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