Business man showing concept of cloud computing.

Microsoft Azure Increases Efficiency and Disaster Recovery

With the shift to remote work, on-premise servers are becoming unnecessary. Hosting your data in the cloud provides numerous benefits to your business and your remote workforce. Microsoft Azure is a flexible, cost-effective solution that is fully integrated with all Microsoft products. Here are four benefits of using Microsoft Azure for your business.


Ensuring your data networks are secure and safe from intrusions is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Microsoft Azure is a highly secure environment and is safeguarded with tools like Threat Intelligence, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Advanced Threat Analytics. These services will protect your network as well as your end-users. In addition to the increased security, your business will gain disaster recovery abilities that can restore your data in hours. Ensuring business continuity will increase your company’s resilience and save money.


Microsoft Azure allows your business to scale up or down to meet business demands. This scalability ensures that your company will always have the necessary computing power to work efficiently. Having the ability to scale computing power to demand will save your company money. There are no high up-front costs or unused capacity. Your company will pay only for what it needs.


Switching to the cloud removes the need for significant hardware purchases, and you’ll only pay for what you need. Your company will be better able to budget and allocate resources to more pressing concerns. Additionally, since your business won’t be housing servers on-premise, you can reduce the square footage of your office, further lowering monthly costs.


Microsoft Azure is compatible with all Microsoft products so your employees can collaborate and communicate effectively. Microsoft Office 365 allows your employees to edit documents in real-time, communicate with Teams, and hold video conferences. Your employees will be just as efficient working from home as they were in the office.

If your company is looking for a way to reduce costs and increase productivity while working remotely, Decision Digital can help. We will migrate your operations to Microsoft Azure data centers and your company will be more resilient to disasters, and can meet business demands with a few mouse clicks. Contact us today to learn more.