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Over 100 Participants Attended Our First Online Catapult Seminar

We at Decision Digital are proud of how well our first online Catapult seminar went. For those who don’t know, because of the pandemic, we had to restructure our May Catapult to be completely digital. However, in spite of the change from a convention to a digital event, we had an immensely successful Catapult. We had more than 100 participants join us to learn about achieving operational excellence. On top that off we also had 100% of people surveyed say they would recommend Catapult to a friend or colleague.

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from all who attend the event. Take a look for yourself:

“Hearing real-world business cases surrounding the use of Tigerpaw® changed my perception.”

“Until Catapult I didn’t know how Tigerpaw® really should work. Thanks Rick!”

“I gained new perspective on business processes and how to use Tigerpaw® more effectively to improve our operation.”

“Tigerpaw® + Catapult = Pure Magic”

“No one has ever questioned my business practices like this before. Thank you Rick. Didn’t know how much I needed you.”

“I’m floored. Rick has thought things out so well. Amazing that he knows and can use TP better than its creators. The way he has things set up is how an MSP should run. Things like accounting for no responses on tickets may seem small, but it’s so nice to be able to track that stuff and EASILY find it when you really need it. I don’t know how organized other MSPs are, but something tells me few have it together like Decision Digital does. This is a game changer for us.”

We want to thank everyone who attended our first-ever digital Catapult. While the situation we found ourselves wasn’t ideal, we did the best we could to adapt. So with that in mind, we are naturally delighted to hear that in spite of that, all of you genuinely enjoyed the seminar and what it taught. We look forward to seeing you all again during the next Catapult, in whatever form it will be.