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Grow Your Business Revenue with Catapult and Decision Digital

Catapult your revenue growth at our extensive 2-day workshop with Decision Digital and TigerPaw. Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, improving revenue growth is an issue every business faces. Whether you experienced significant growth and then sudden stagnancy or you’re a small business just starting, progressing production and revenue can be a struggle. With the right tools and knowledge, your business can significantly improve and take off. This October, Decision Digital will have our 2-day workshop entitled Catapult, where we will uncover numerous strategies to streamline operations, assist in gaining momentum, and improve overall profit growth.

By utilizing tools and software like Tigerpaw, and changing conventional operating methodologies, you can remarkably improve operations and gain clientele. These tactics include:

  • The basics of understanding your business. As simple as this sounds, many owners don’t have a grasp of what their business is genuinely about, leading to marketing efforts being misallocated and potentially reaching the wrong people. We will help you get a better understanding of your company and its mission.
  • Utilizing gap analysis. Gap analysis is a tool used to measure the gap between customer expectation and experience, which can either lead to overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction. This tool can narrow the difference between expectation versus reality, ensuring that business requirements are being met to guarantee total customer satisfaction. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process either; at this workshop, you will learn how to measure gap analysis through a single spreadsheet.
  • Using TigerPaw to propel your business forward. This revolutionary software simplifies operations, allows you to get the most out of consumer information through data mining and tailored matrix views to give you tangible and measurable results to advance your business forward.

Catapult is an experience you can’t miss. The event will be held at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Conference Center in Atlanta, GA. Our job here at Decision Digital is to move your business to the next level.